Woodbridge Technical Products

Woodbridge Technical Products is wholly owned by The Woodbridge Group. Our manufacturing facility is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee offering specialty engineered foam grades for many unique product requirements. Markets served include automotive, filtration, medical, comfort, industrial and protective packaging.

  • Low perm esters for filter and gasket requirements
  • Acoustical foams for sound management
  • Medical grade esters to meet toxicity requirements
  • Specialty grade ethers for high speed lamination foams applications
  • Controlled cell sized foams from 8 to 100 ppi
  • Antistatic foams and static dissipative foams
  • Anti-microbial grades laminated and thermoformed for shoe insoles
  • High density ethers used for abrasive applications
  • High density thermo-formed foams for speaker applications

For more information please visit www.wtpfoam.com