Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

The Woodbridge Group believes that protection of the health and safety of our teammates and the natural environment is of utmost concern in the operation of our business. This policy applies to all Woodbridge locations and Joint Venture locations where Woodbridge is the managing partner.


Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

The Woodbridge Group will actively pursue process innovation and fundamental research to prevent environmental pollution through the reduction and elimination of all forms of waste from our operations, including the reduction of energy consumption and the resultant release of greenhouse gas emissions.

We will routinely review and assess our operations for the purpose of making health, safety and environmental improvements beyond those legally required, where such enhancements provide significant benefits.

We will comply with all Woodbridge HS&E Management System requirements, applicable laws, regulations and standards in its product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution activities.

Using the established strategies, each facility is responsible for the development of annual health, safety and environmental goals, and the implementation of action plans in accordance with our corporate performance standards. Each facility will provide routine progress reports to ensure that its operations comply with this policy.

This policy is posted in each facility reception area, in appropriate areas of each plant, and on the company Internet and Intranet sites. Through effective participation our teammates are an integral element in ensuring continual improvement in workplace health, safety and the prevention of environmental pollution. To support their participation, we document and maintain an integrated health, safety and environmental system.

The Woodbridge Group will provide the necessary support and resources as its commitment to the goals and objectives of this policy.

Health and Safety Performance