Reduce Weight with FeatherWeight™

FeatherWeight™ solutions reduce weight and bulk without diminishing comfort, with products that are slim and durable. By streamlining materials and design, we can achieve smarter and more cost effective solutions for OEMs and system suppliers.

FeatherWeight Products:

Enhanced comfort with a simplified lightweight EPP frame that eliminates a portion of the seat structure.
StructureLite Data Sheet >

Water resistant storage solution with reduced product complexity.
CargoSmart Data Sheet >

A significantly thinner profile cushion provides more space for passengers without sacrificing physical properties.
CompactFoam Data Sheet >

High performance foam reduces weight while maintaining luxury physical properties.
HPFoam Data Sheet >

Stratas™ Load Floor
High compressive strength foam core is lighter than other rigid designs.
Stratas Load Floor >

Stratas™ Rear Seat Back
Designed to replace stamped steel panel to support weight savings and lower tooling costs.
Stratas Rear Seat Back >

Engineered Composites
Lightweight materials that will meet the most stringent load requirements and reduce tooling costs for seatback panels with significant savings.
Engineered Composites >

Coverstock foams designed for highly efficient processes, which laminate coverstock foams to all fabric types.
StrataPlush Data Sheet >

Flame lamination creates a thin layer of molten polymer which bonds to face fabric and backing materials simultaneously.
StrataBond Data Sheet >

Support Services

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Seat Comfort Simulation

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Product Development & Prototyping

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Assembly & Supply Services

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Polyurethane Physical Property Testing

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