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Woodbridge Group Receives Ford Q1 Certificate of Excellence in Quality

Chattanooga, TN. – Woodbridge Group Chattanooga received the prestigious Ford Motor Company Q1 certification on June 7th for its excellence in the quality of its products, service and on-time deliveries.

Q1 Status

John Zianis: The Woodbridge Formed Plastics facility in Chattanooga was awarded Ford Q1 status today. The Chattanooga plant built in 2013 follows its predecessor’s, Leon Mexico, and Kitchener Canada, in achieving quality assurance.

Ford is an important customer of ours and has worked with us to meet the highest levels of quality including communication, teamwork, management review, dynamic processes, measurables, quantifying tools, and continuous improvement. We were able to reach Q1 status by utilizing existing Woodbridge initiatives such as WPS (Woodbridge Production Systems), the Standardization Imperative and our internal quality management system.

Above all, this is a testament to the participation and teamwork from Ford, our teammates at Woodbridge Chattanooga and our corporate support personnel. Gaining future business from Ford direct is contingent on receiving Q1 certification. Achieving this certification helps secure the future of this plant and its employees. Receiving Ford Q1 status is a great honor and a tribute to the dedication and work of all our teammates.

Formed Plastics Facility

Ghazwan Taka: The Woodbridge Chattanooga operation provides lightweight EPP solutions for OEMs and Tier 1 customers in the Southeast U.S.A. We deliver seat frames, cargo storage, occupant safety and acoustical components, from materials including EPP, PEPP, EPE, EPS, PS/PE and PU, helping our customers in CAFE mileage targets.

The southeastern U.S.A. has grown into an automotive hub enticing original equipment manufacturers such as Ford, GM, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota and VW to the area.

Leading OEMs use EPP components on a wide range of automotive applications typically for its cost effectiveness and light weighting properties, supporting fuel economy.”

With EPP content growth forecast to outpace the overall market, including significant upside in seating, cargo management, bumper energy absorber, and other interior and exterior automotive component applications, the Tennessee operation will strengthen relationships with OEMs and Tier 1s, and better position the business unit to attract new customers.

Ford Supplier Technical Assistance

Shahrukh Hiramanek – Supplier Technical Assistant at Ford Motor Company: The process starts in partnership with a Ford Supplier Technical Assistant and the vendor working together to achieve Q1 status. One of the reasons Ford implemented the Q1 process was to evaluate the entire operation of a supplier, from training to management, to determine if that supplier is capable of managing a product for different vehicle lines. It has been a great pleasure to work with The Woodbridge Group Chattanooga facility who has achieved a score of 1300, and zero quality rejects proving to be an excellent supplier to Ford.

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Cynthia Emili
Global Marketing Manager
The Woodbridge Group

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