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Woodbridge AdaptiPedic™ Signature Comfort and Orthopedic Support Seat Cushioning Product Concept

Detroit, MI, USA, May 19, 2015 – In alignment with the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) annual Automotive Engineering Exposition, The Woodbridge Group is announcing a significant game-changing “Product Concept” called AdaptiPedic™ Signature Comfort and Orthopedic Support Technology. This innovation offers a composite seat cushioning structure which provides automatically tailored comfort and ideal lumbar posture, for a wide range of body types. As a result, initial test findings indicate consumers prefer AdaptiPedic™ seating products 2 to 1, noticing a significant improvement in both initial and long trip comfort. In addition, AdaptiPedic™ technology can be used in various automotive interior components such as head restraints and armrests.

Click here to view the AdaptiPedic™ promotional video offering a good understanding of this technology’s features and benefits, and stay tuned for future updates of this exciting new product development.

Key Differentiators of AdaptiPedic™ Technology

1. Intuitive Signature Comfort
AdaptiPedic™ seat cushioning tailors comfort to the occupant’s specific shape, size and weight, dynamically, to provide ideal seat cushioning to a far greater range of body types, well beyond the current industry norm of designing automotive seating for a 50th percentile male.

2. Plush Holding-In Effect
AdaptiPedic™ seat cushioning more effectively conforms to the body offering a pleasing plush feel and a unique holding-in effect, to significantly improve showroom comfort.

3. Lumbar Posture Control
AdaptiPedic™ seat cushioning products offer increased surface contact, to mitigate pressure points and promote correct lumbar posture, significantly improving long trip comfort.

Dr. Andrew Kee, Global Director of Chemical Development , The Woodbridge Group states, “We are excited about our initial test findings for this innovation which combines novel adaptive comfort foams with high-performance supportive foams. What’s most interesting about this innovation is its ability to increase the functional contact area with the occupant, to more evenly distribute body pressure. Additionally, this comfort solution continuously adapts throughout the dynamic driving experience, offering enhanced long-term comfort, while minimizing driver distraction. The result is the highest level of comfort in seating foams, realized by the industry’s broadest spectrum of occupant size and shape.”

The Woodbridge Group® and its partners in The World Polyurethane Alliance™ operate 63 facilities in 17 countries, as global leaders in the development and production of polyurethane and expanded polypropylene products. Automotive applications include components for seating, structural support, interior soft trim products, headliner systems, cargo management solutions, and engineered products for occupant protection and acoustical management. Woodbridge also offers contract assembly and sequencing and supply chain management, as well as a full range of value-added services including engineering and design. For more information, please visit

® are registered trademarks and TM are trademarks which are either owned or used under license by Woodbridge Foam Corporation.

Matt Prascius
Global Product Management Director
The Woodbridge Group

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