Woodbridge Achieves Lowest VOC Emissions


Troy, MI — The automotive industry continues to focus on reducing VOC emissions in vehicle interiors due to growing health concerns, legislative requirements, and cabin air quality standards. In response, The Woodbridge Group, a global supplier of urethane and particle foam technologies, has self-formulated and engineered a solution that enables the lowest achievable VOC today.

With total focus on producing innovative products that reduce emissions, odor, and fogging, Woodbridge has rolled out a low VOC product series, FreshTech™.

The FreshTech series can reduce total VOC emissions by more than 95% through a combination of solutions. Woodbridge starts by utilizing the cleanest, environmentally-friendly, recycled, and biodegradable raw materials available that also support antimicrobial features. From there, advanced chemical formulation and computer simulation technologies are applied to engineer a solution that significantly reduces VOC emissions and odor, while maintaining high performance design characteristics, such as reduced weight and enhanced durability and flexibility.

“We’ve thought about the problems literally from the inside out,” says Dr. Andrew Kee, Global Director of Chemical Development and Applications at Woodbridge. “Because we’re self-formulators in all aspects of our polyurethane, we can choose vendors and products that are state-of-the-art, relative to their potential to enable VOC reductions.”

Woodbridge’s unique approach to self-formulating has allowed the company to not only develop products that emit less VOCs, but absorb VOC emissions from other component sources inside the vehicle cabin. Delivering low VOC solutions that also reduce odor and fogging, FreshTech products work to give drivers the cleanest in-vehicle experience.

FreshTech technology is suitable for a variety of applications, and all foams in the product series lower aldehyde, hydrocarbon, total VOC emissions, and odor. FreshTech is ideal for molded foam seating, engineered composites, and all flexible foam laminated products—including headliner coverstock, seat trim, body cloth, and interior component trim.

The Woodbridge Group continues to collaborate with chemical suppliers to create new chemistry and introduce the latest low VOC solutions and innovations to the automotive industry. As a leader in foam solutions for automotive applications, Woodbridge is driven to always push the boundaries of what’s possible, and FreshTech products are “getting close to VOC-free,” promises Dr. Kee.

The Woodbridge Group is Canadian-owned with 63 facilities operating in 21 countries, and is a global leader in the development and production of polyurethane products. Automotive applications include components for seating, structural support, occupant protection, headliner systems, and acoustical management, as well as a full range of value added services including engineering and design, supply chain management, assembly, sequencing, and JIT delivery solutions. For more information, visit www.woodbridgegroup.com.

Contact: Cynthia Emili, Global Marketing Manager