Minimize VOC Concerns with FreshTech™

The FreshTech™ series accentuates Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) products. In response to growing health concerns, legislative requirements, and cabin air quality standards that are driving an immediate need for low VOC products, FreshTech enables the lowest achievable VOC today.

With our FreshTech product series, Woodbridge has solved the low VOC problem from the inside out. By utilizing the cleanest available, environmentally-friendly, recycled and biodegradable raw materials, and combining them with our advanced chemical formulation and computer simulation technologies, we’re able to achieve green alternatives that lower weight and increase durability and flexibility, all while dramatically reducing total VOC’s.

Our unique development technologies provide low VOC solutions that are engineered to not only eliminate VOCs in our products, but also absorb other VOC emissions from any other component source inside the vehicle cabin. FreshTech products are also antimicrobial and reduce odor and fogging to support a better in-vehicle experience.

FreshTech technology is suitable for a variety of applications, and all foams in the product series lower aldehyde, hydrocarbon, total VOC emissions, and odor. FreshTech is ideal for molded foam seating, engineered composites, and all flexible foam laminated products—including headliner coverstock, seat trim, body cloth, and interior component trim. Our popular solutions include TrimVisible LE products, which utilize aldehyde shield chemistry, and ComfortTech LE.

FreshTech Products:

Low cost safety components utilize an advanced chemical system that creates high efficiency, low emission solutions.
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TrimVisible LE™
Low emission molded foam technology that uses aldehyde shield chemistry to reduce VOC levels by 90%, and reduces fogging by 80%.
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Interior Parts
Smart solutions for headliner substrates, load floors, package trays, and seatback panels.
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ComfortTech LE™
High performance seating foam achieves 80% VOC reduction with no loss in comfort or performance.
ComforTechLE Data Sheet >

Lightweight, reduced emission seat pads absorb noise while maintaining comfort.
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Engineered Composites
Lightweight materials that will meet the most stringent load requirements and reduce tooling costs for seatback panels with significant savings.
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Support Services

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Seat Comfort Simulation

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Product Development & Prototyping

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Assembly & Supply Services

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Polyurethane Physical Property Testing

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