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Acoustical Heat Shield

Meeting the dual requirements of high thermal resistance and acoustic dampening, the Woodbridge Acoustical Heat Shield helps to isolate surrounding components and vehicle occupants from heat as well as noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Features include:

  • Manage temperatures of up to 180°C at peak, with no added metal shielding
  • Withstand exterior durability, water and chemicals resistant requirements
  • Parts meet SE requirements

This high-performing composite material can readily be used to create a variety of thermal and acoustic solutions, including and not limited to all transmission covers and battery covers – wherever vehicle heat and noise control is necessary.


  • Exterior systems


  • Innovative dual-layer material for outstanding thermal and NVH control, using no supplemental metal foil
  • Moldable material is suitable for a wide range of thermal and NVH applications
  • Excellent sound absorption and resistance to automotive chemicals and fuels

Download Acoustical Heat Shield PDF

Acoustical Heat Shield