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Cargo Management

Woodbridge brings innovative cargo and load floor solutions for today’s multipurpose, sport utility and passenger vehicles. When designed as a complete system with our load floors, our cargo management capture and organize storage spaces that are underutilized, while maintaining form, function, weight, and cost.

Manufactured from strong, lightweight, and water-resistant expanded polypropylene, our cargo systems complement our Stratas™ load floor systems. Partially or fully assembled load floors can incorporate latch handles, hinges, hooks, and other component attachments for added functionality.


  • Complete cargo systems with integrated load floors
  • Storage bins
  • Convenience trays
  • Customized tool caddies
  • Deck lids
  • Load floors


  • The Stratas composite portfolio provides cargo designers a broad range of Products to maximize space, while minimizing cost and weight
  • Cost-effective decorative finished surfaces and embossed branding opportunities
  • Thermoformable composite structure with polyurethane foam core and reinforcing skins provide the lightest rigid substrate in the industry with spans up to 1.3 meters without a center support
  • Rigid substrate core provides a wide-range of component attachment options—glue, screw, or ultrasonic welding
  • Meets all OEM pull force and durable cycle standards
  • High-strength composite structure surpasses 125 kg (250 lb) knee load rest requirements

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Cargo Management Cargo Management Cargo Management Cargo Management
Cargo Management
Cargo Management
Cargo Management
Cargo Management