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Lw Lightweight

Energy Management Foam

Woodbridge energy management and structural foams keep vehicle occupants safe. Our industry-leading energy absorbing foam solutions improve the crash worthiness of interior and exterior assemblies to manage crash forces to help minimize vehicle damage.

Energy management foams are offered in polyurethane and bead foams, including expanded polypropylene, to ensure the optimal solution for each unique application. Utilizing a diverse list of materials and in-house chemical systems development, Woodbridge supplies occupant safety components to deliver low-cost, highly-efficient energy management solutions, engineered to meet virtually any crash force requirement.


  • Armrest
  • Bumpers
  • Cargo
  • Floor space
  • Head restraints
  • Impact block
  • Knee bolster
  • Under carpet
  • Under-vehicle shield


  • Superior performance range: Offered in bead foam and multiple polyurethane formulations to engineer an optimized, low-cost solution
  • Multidirectional performance: Better protection due to consistent impact performance in any direction
  • Greater thermal stability: Superior performance most apparent at real-life temperature variability
  • Wider design flexibility: Greater degree of flexibility to mold complex shapes with thick and thin cross-sectional variation
  • Faster development cycle: Including CNC sampling, hard prototype tools, and samples through to production
  • Lower system cost: Tailored property characteristics provide a simple, low-cost method of optimizing the complete system
energy management foam