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Cr Craftsmanship

Foam-In-Place Seat Armrest Assembly

Our foam-in-place (FIP) seat armrest assembly delivers a wrinkle-free fit-and-finish as well as an enhanced level of comfort and a noticeable showroom feeling of quality for today’s high-functionality, interior soft trim parts. 

The armrest assembly process begins with a cut-and-sewn fabric placed in a mold, polyurethane chemicals are injected into the mold and the foam begins to expand to fill voids of the fabric. This technology allows us to provide best-in-class quality and appearance for automotive headrests.


  • Seat systems


  • Increased trim design flexibility
  • Superior finished appearance
  • Repeatable performance
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced counter measures

Download FIP Seat Armrest Assembly PDF