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Lw Lightweight

Load Floor

The proven Stratas™ board substrate technology used in Woodbridge headliners has now been adopted into our cargo management systems to address lightweighting requirements. 

The composite technology is re-formulated into a high-modulus urethane core combined with a layered skin design of fiberglass and high-melt temperature adhesives. Meeting OEM load specifications our load floor system composite panels reduce overall mass in the cargo system. 

For better fit and finish, our assembled load floors can be formed with a variety of edge finishes, such as reinforced, compressed, and rolled or carpet wrapped. To achieve greater flexibility our in-house capabilities can finish out partially or fully assembled load floors with latch handles, hinges, hooks, and other component attachments. 

When combined as a complete system with our expanded polypropylene (EPP) cargo tray, our load floor systems will keep valuable cargo safe and secure in today’s sport utility and passenger vehicles, while optimizing form, function, weight, and cost. 


  • Interior systems
  • Cargo systems
  • Load floor systems


  • High-strength composite structure surpasses OEM load requirements
  • Leaders in automotive foam manufacturing technology with in-house experts (from chemists to engineers) who continually push the envelope by elevating chemistry, design, and manufacturing performance

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Load Floor Load Floor Load Floor
Load Floor
Load Floor
Load Floor