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Lw Lightweight

Package Tray

Woodbridge Stratas™ board package tray composites feature a semi-rigid polyurethane foam core for high sound absorption and reinforcement layers for structural integrity. Our flat substrate boards can be manufactured to virtually any length and width, allowing multiple package trays to be formed at the same time from one super board to decrease cycle times. Our formed package tray shells can be fully assembled and customized with A-surface fabrics and thermoforming services. 

By combining the acoustical properties of our headliner substrate foam with a thinner version of our load floor reinforcement skins, these package trays eliminate the need for secondary NVH countermeasures.


  • Interior systems


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent sound absorption
  • High stiffness
  • Manufactured on standard thermoforming equipment

Download Parcel Shelf Package Tray PDF

Package Tray Package Tray Package Tray
Package Tray
Package Tray
Package Tray