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Lw Lightweight

Seatback Panel Assembly

Our new seatback panel product replaces stamped steel panels, delivering the automotive industry’s first lightweight rear seatback panel composite solution. Leveraging our Stratas™ board polyurethane core composite technology, we were able to meet testing and safety requirements including shifting cargo, seatbelt load, and child seat anchorage testing.

Assembly Options

Carpet and other A-surface finish materials can be integrated onto the panel during production to reduce steps during factory assembly. 

Panel Options

Our laminated composite panel can be thermoformed and waterjet-cut into shape. 


  • Seating systems


  • Lightweight—up to 60% system weight savings
  • Up to 1 kg weight savings per vehicle 
  • Reduced effort to lift seatback
  • Flat and rigid surface
  • Can meet OEM load requirements
  • Requires minimal attachment modification to frame 
  • Trunk trim integration 
  • Edge finish capability 

Download Rear Seatback Panel Assembly PDF

Seatback Panel Assembly seat back panel assembly
Seatback Panel Assembly
seat back panel assembly