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Technical Foam

The Woodbridge technical foam business unit offers specialty engineered polyurethane foam solutions for many unique product requirements. The foams we produce are used in a wide variety of applications throughout the vehicle.


  • Reticulated polyether or polyester for air filters
  • Low-permeability ethers for air/dust sealing   
  • Acoustic foams for sound absorption/NVH
  • Low-VOC/fog polyether/polyester for interior applications
  • High-density/firmness polyether for comfort or safety pads

Product Range

  • Polyester filter foams 7-100 ppi
  • Polyether filter foams 8-80 ppi
  • Densities from 1-6 lb/ft3
  • Ester firmness from 30-100 lb
  • Ether firmness from 20-250 lb
  • High-durability esters
  • FR modified esters and ethers (FMVSS-302, CAL117, UL)
  • Air-and-water sealable ester and ether
  • Low-VOC/Low-fog esters and ethers
  • Hydrophilic esters and ethers
  • Explosion suppression foam

Customer Specs

  • Ford: WSS-M99P48
  • GM: GMW16750
  • FCA: MS-AY 309
  • Toyota: TSK6712G
  • Hyundai/Kia: MS257-06, MS300-55
  • Daimler: DBL 5450

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Technical Foam Technical Foam
Technical Foam
Technical Foam