Technical Foam

Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products is a joint venture between The Woodbridge Group and INOAC Corporation of Japan. The Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products joint venture will encompass all foam facilities including – Chattanooga, Tennessee; Springfield, Kentucky; Moonachie, New Jersey; as well as Monterrey, Mexico. We offer specialty engineered technical foams for many unique product requirements. Markets served include automotive, filtration, medical, comfort, industrial and protective packaging.

  • Low perm esters for filter and gasket requirements
  • Acoustical foams for sound management
  • Medical grade esters to meet toxicity requirements
  • Specialty grade ethers for high speed lamination foams applications
  • Controlled cell sized foams from 8 to 100 ppi
  • Antistatic foams and static dissipative foams
  • Anti-microbial grades laminated and thermoformed for shoe insoles
  • High density ethers used for abrasive applications
  • High density thermo-formed foams for speaker applications

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