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Woodbridge Delivers a New Cargo Management System Solution for the Automotive Industry

Published By: Mike Kehoe, Formed Plastics Operations Product Director, Woodbridge Foam Corporation, Greg White, Engineered Composites Product Director, Woodbridge Foam Corporation, Cynthia Emili, Marketing Manager, Woodbridge Foam Corporation

Typically, we supply both expanded polypropylene (EPP) cargo bins and load floors independently until a recent opportunity arose from our customer, who challenged us to develop a complete Cargo Management System (CMS) solution. This application targeted to increase the cargo area in a full-size Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) during a mid-cycle refresh while reducing the weight of the storage bin.

Our solution was to combine existing products from our portfolio by merging our lightweight urethane substrate technology for the load floor (known as Stratas™) with our formable EPP for the CMS. This Woodbridge combination provided a mass weight save of approximately 50% compared to traditional rigid plastic cargo bins. Learn more:

The Stratas™ board composite technology is re-formulated into a high-modulus urethane core combined with a layered skin design of fiberglass and high-melt temperature adhesives. Meeting OEM load specifications, our load floor composite panels reduce overall mass in the cargo system. Learn more:

Our assembled load floors can be formed with various edge finishes for better fit and finish, such as reinforced, compressed, rolled, or carpet wrapped. With greater flexibility, our in-house capabilities can finish out partially or fully assembled load floors with latch handles, hinges, hooks, and other component attachments.


Early engineering engagement and Woodbridge expertise is key to capturing advanced product development advantages. A cross-functional team approach minimizes downstream process variation to deliver today’s benchmark in product development. These services ensure accurate communication among all players and offer a complete in-house solution.

Comparison of Woodbridge Cargo Management System vs original system

 We combined the load floor with our formable expanded polypropylene technology (EPP) for the cargo trays. This complete system will keep valuable cargo safe and secure in today’s sport utility and passenger vehicles while optimizing form, function, weight, and cost.

As a fully integrated foam converter and system manufacturer, Woodbridge seamlessly and swiftly shifted from design concept to production, delivering a complete CMS. This accelerated timeline opportunity for Woodbridge’s first complete CMS was due to the unwavering commitment from the teams across the US and Canada, including Business Development, Program Management, Product Engineering, Product Development, Purchasing, Woodbridge Ontario facility, Chattanooga EPP facility, and support from our Kitchener EPP facility.  The commitment and trust from our customer helped bring this advantaged product to market in record time.

Editorial piece originally published on LinkedIn

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