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Cr Craftsmanship

Coverstock Headliner Foam

StrataPlush™ coverstock headliner foams are uniquely designed for a wide range of highly-efficient processes. Formulations are specifically engineered for both wet and dry headliner forming, as well as various other soft-trim applications. Woodbridge StrataPlush headliner flexible foam family solutions are engineered to deliver the highly specialized needs of today’s laminate foam production environments. 

StrataPlush products are available in flat and round blocks and polyether and polyester foam grades. Our headliner foaming processes are finely tuned for density, firmness, cell size, cell structure, and airflow to provide outstanding performance for our customers. 


  • Headliners
  • Sun visors
  • Sun shades
  • Door panels
  • Interior systems

Innovation Advantages

  • Largest diameter round block in North America at 50 inches
  • Average 300 linear yard rolls without foam join seams
  • Polyether and polyester headliner foam grades available
  • Superior product consistency for cell structure and visual appearance
  • Formulated for crisp definition and superior craftsmanship
  • Foam thicknesses designed to recover post forming
  • High firmness and crushable options available
  • Thin-gauge thickness capability (.065 inches or 1.65 mm)
  • Narrow-width options available
  • Excellent acoustical properties


Range of Products (typical)

  • Density: 1.6-2.2 lb/ft3  (25.5-35.25 kg/m3)
  • Firmness range: 40-100 (25% IFD lb/50 in2)
  • Thicknesses: 1.65-7 mm (.065-0.275 inches)

Key Characteristics

  • Chemistry: polyether and polyester open-cell polyurethane
  • Pour type: round block and flat block
  • Roll fabrication: looping and peeling
  • Lamination: PE film, PU film, adhesive films and webs, textile scrims, and non-woven scrims
  • Other key options: variety of colors, FR/non-FR, acoustics, airflow, low emission (VOCs and odor)

OEM Specifications

StrataPlush headliner foams are designed to meet most OEM specifications and requirements.

  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard: FMVSS302
  • General Motors: GMW15058, GM6291M, GM6083, GM2101M
  • Ford: WSS-99P48, WSS-M2D243, WSS-M2D491, ESB-M4D113
  • FCA: MSAY309, CS-13398
  • Toyota Motor Company: TSM6712G
  • Nissan: NESM8047
  • Tesla: TM-4001
  • Honda: HES C209
  • Hyundai Kia: MS-300-34
  • Daimler: DBL5450, DBL5454; DBL5438
  • Volkswagen: VW50180