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Headliner Composite Thin High Strength

Stratas™ Thin High-Strength headliner composite is a patent-pending technology designed explicitly for vehicle needs requiring thin substrate designs. This product matches competing products. The polyurethane core chemistry combined with innovative skin design creates a substrate with increased strength and stiffness at a total thickness of 4mm.  While meeting the challenges of lightweighting, these constructions at 600-800 gsm will pass OEM specifications and improve packaging space in the interior.

Stratas materials are thermoformable and can integrate to standard manufacturing equipment. They can also be used with a wide variety of A-surface fabrics to achieve customer design specifications. 


  • Headliners


  • 4 mm urethane core construction with improved strength and stiffness
  • Stiffness characteristic improves vehicle assembly (OEM) and also feel/touch of the headliner (not soft and squishy)
  • Lightweight
  • Deep-draw capability

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Technical Paper:

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Headliner Composite High Strength