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Cf Comfort

Comfort Safe Head Restraint

Our head restraint system utilizes a Woodbridge foam formulation that delivers an optimum balance between comfort, craftsmanship, and safety.  The formulation provides a low ball rebound or strain-rate sensitive characteristics which provides a soft initial touch for comfort, a robust shape for improved craftsmanship and also reacts to sudden impact forces which provides the firmness required for compliance to FMVSS 202A requirements.


  • Provides soft touch feel for supreme comfort
  • Robust shape for optimal craftsmanship
  • Complies with FMVSS 202Arequirements
  • Single foam design with no added topper
  • Foam-on-Rod and pour-in-place applications
  • Can reduce or eliminate need for active or four-way mechanisms

Download Comfort Safe Head Restraints PDF

Comfort Safe Head Restraint