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Cr Craftsmanship

Energy Management Polyurethane Foam

Woodbridge energy management foam headrests are part of a comprehensive response to FMVSS 202A requirements. Our technology is a patented strain-rate sensitive foam formulation that provides an optimum balance between comfort and safety.

This temperature-stable material is soft to the touch under light pressure and normal use. However, under sudden impact conditions, the foam responds immediately by transforming into a highly-effective energy absorber.


  • Seating systems
  • Safety systems
  • Headrests
  • Armrests
  • Bolsters


  • Improved occupant safety
  • Aligned with FMVSS 202A requirements
  • Conventional and pour-in-place applications
  • Reduced or eliminated cost of active safety systems

Download Energy Management Polyurethane Foam PDF

Energy management Poly Foam