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Cf Comfort

Adaptive Comfort and Support Foam

Woodbridge adaptive comfort and support foam utilizes “signature response chemistry” to deliver an unparalleled premium feel, which tailors to the occupant’s specific shape, size, and weight. This product dynamically adapts to a greater range of body types, well beyond the current industry norm of a 50th percentile male. 

Known as AdaptiPedic™, this foam technology provides a rate-sensitive response, conforming to the occupant’s body to offer a “holding in” effect with a unique and pleasing plush feel to improve initial comfort. 

Additionally, this product offers increased surface contact loading to better equalize body pressure distribution and promote the correct lumbar posture—mitigating pressure points and significantly improving long-trip comfort.


  • Seating systems

Innovation Advantages

  • Intuitive signature comfort
  • Rate-sensitive response
  • Increases surface contact loading

Download Adaptive Comfort and Support Foam PDF