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TrimVisible BIO

TrimVisible™ BIO displaces petroleum-based materials in polyurethane seating foam to produce carbon net zero foam and reduce overall carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint. This patent-pending product enables a cradle-to-gate reduction in CO2 footprint without compromising material properties, performance and comfort.

After a lifetime of net CO2 absorption, decaying trees and forest residue are normally a source of CO2 emissions through decomposition or combustion as part of the biocarbon lifecycle. Through a partnership with a certified sustainable managed forest, Woodbridge developed a proprietary process to convert residue from commercial lumber processing into a high-purity form of biocarbon. The biocarbon is sequestered, thus effectively locking CO2 in a form that can be used to displace conventional urethane chemicals and integrated into Woodbridge’s high-performing polyurethane seat foam chemistry.


  • Seating Foam


  • Up to 15% reduction in GWP (kg CO2 eq/kg) for molded seating foam
  • Up to 10% bio-renewable content
  • Significantly reduces the cradle-to-grave CO2 footprint of seating foam while offsetting Scope 1 CO2 manufacturing emissions beyond net-zero
  • Displaces petroleum-based materials in polyurethane seating foam to produce net zero foam and reduce CO2 footprint
  • Meets all performance requirements

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TrimVisible BIO Graphic
TrimVisible BIO