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Cf Comfort

Textured Surface Foam

Woodbridge textured surface foam delivers “showroom comfort” by giving better control of initial softness and support. Serving as an alternative to a layered topper assembly, our textured surface foam offers many key performance advantages, such as: lower cost, more luxurious feel and targeted comfort zones.

The textured surface foam is available for both ventilated and non-ventilated seats. When the vented climate control seat technology is selected, greater air flow and improved air distribution is provided at the occupant interface. This gives superior comfort by eliminating rigid components and delivering targeted body weight distribution capabilities.


  • Seating systems

Innovation Advantages

  • Enhanced initial feel at a lower cost vs. a secondary topper pad
  • Targeted comfort zones in thigh and/or hip areas
  • Reduced pressure points
  • Improved body weight distribution control
  • Crisper lines and craftsmanship
  • Superior repeatability
  • Higher quality and durability

Download Textured Surface Foam PDF