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Cf Comfort

Climate-Controlled Seating Foam

Woodbridge ComfortFlow™ ventilated seating foam composite was developed for climate control seating (CCS) in active and passive ventilated seats. This reticulated foam trim composite delivers excellent airflow and comfort while improving the appearance of leather or vinyl trim covers.

ComfortFlow construction includes a scrim that is adhesively or flame-laminated to the top and bottom surfaces. Scrim options include lightweight polyester or nylon warp knit, circular knits, or web adhesives. ComfortFlow composites can easily be tack sewn or laminated to perforated leather or vinyl trim. 


  • Ventilated seating systems


  • Isotropic compression behavior ensures excellent occupant comfort and durability 
  • Composite improves trim appearance
  • Superior airflow and cool-down performance
  • 15% lighter than alternative spacer textiles
  • Sewing and die-cutting friendly; no loose fibers, dimensionally stable 


  • Rolls
  • Sheets
  • Die-cut kits
  • Low VOC

System Solutions

  • Woodbridge also manufactures ventilated molded foam seat cushions for a comprehensive climate control solution.

Product Range

  • Density: 1.7-2.7 lb/ft3
  • Compression strength: 30-100 lb
  • PPI (pores per inch): 15-45

Customer Specs

  • Faurecia: NAPS FST-S-DSX-0086
  • Adient: TQPM-PLUS-SP-06-19-E
  • Ford: WSS-M99P48-A2, WSS-M8P30-A1
  • Hyundai/Kia: MS257-06

Download Climate Controlled Seating Foam PDF

Climate Control Seating Foam Climate Control Seating Foam
Climate Control Seating Foam
Climate Control Seating Foam