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Cr Craftsmanship

Flexible Foam Lamination

Woodbridge uses flame lamination to create a thin layer of molten polymer to simultaneously bond our AutoBond™ family of flexible foams to face fabrics and backing materials. Our products are offered for both conventional trim and foam-in-place with a variety of customization options available. 

In the AutoBond lamination process, the foam passes by an open flame to make its surface tacky. The fabric and scrim backings are immediately pressed against the foam and cooled to create a bonded, bi-laminated or tri-laminated composite. Flame lamination is the most common and cost-effective method of bonding face goods to AutoBond flexible foams, and backings. 

Woodbridge flame laminates every type of automotive face good, including textile fabrics and PVC or PUR synthetic leathers (vinyls). We have relationships with vendors from around the globe and our highly qualified team members manage the quality and just-in-time delivery of these coverstock composites to our customers. 


  • Seating systems: automotive cut-and-sew trim covers, cut-and-sew, plus pads, wadding 
  • Lamination: flame to textile face goods or PVC/PUR synthetic leather (vinyl) 
  • Interior systems: door panels, head restraints, armrests
  • Pour-in-place (foam-in-place): small parts
  • Overhead systems: headliners, sun visors, sun shades 
  • Acoustical: NVH
  • Industrial
  • Medical


  • North American leader in automotive textile laminates
  • Most cost-effective method of bonding face goods and backings to PU foam
  • Vendor of record (VOCR) lamination services; Full textile management, foam, lamination, and zero defect inspection•Contract lamination services; foam, lamination, and inspection
  • Warehousing services available for localized supply options
  • Ability to laminate a wide variety of textiles; fabrics, PVC vinyl, PUR synthetic leather, and numerous backing options
  • Pour-in-place foams and PU film lamination available
  • Global logistics team to support both local and offshore raw material sources (US, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Pacific Rim)
  • Best-in-class footprint providing best customer value


Range of Products

  • Bi-lam: coverstock plus AutoBond foam
  • Tri-lam: coverstock plus AutoBond foam plus backing
  • Foam density: 1.5-4.5 lb/ft3
  • Foam firmness range: 15-175 (25% IFD lb/50 in2)
  • Thicknesses: 1.5 mm (min) to 25.4 mm (max)
  • Width: 54- to 69-inch capability


In many circumstances backings are required to support the critical craftsmanship expectations of our customers. Woodbridge utilizes our global footprint to identify and source viable suppliers worldwide to bring the best overall value to market.

  • PE film: polyethylene film
  • Textile scrims (nylon and polyester): warp knits, circular knits, non-wovens
  • PU film: polyurethane barrier films
  • Adhesive films and webs
  • PSA: pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Other backing options available upon request

OEM Specifications

AutoBond flexible foam and lamination composites are designed to meet the most rigorous OEM automotive interiors specifications and requirements, including, but not limited to, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS302 flammability, bonds, and curl.

Download Flexible Foam & Lamination PDF

Flexible Foam Lamination Flexible Foam Lamination
Flexible Foam Lamination
Flexible Foam Lamination