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Cf Comfort

Topper Pad

The AutoBond™ family  of open-cell flexible foam topper pads are available in an extensive range of foam densities and firmnesses, designed to deliver zoned comfort and craftsmanship performance solutions. Woodbridge topper pad technology can be incorporated into seating designs for showroom feel, occupant comfort, durability, seat support, climate control seat (CCS) read-through craftsmanship issues, and seat system vibration damping control.  Woodbridge can ship direct or affix the precision-cut pads in-house. Topper pads are the ideal solution for superior comfort, performance, and craftsmanship on PU and EPP molded seat designs.  


  • Seating systems
  • PU foam pad
  • EPP StructureLite™ pad
  • Headrest & Armrest pads
  • Seat vibration solution


  • Good-better-best options using AutoBond Flexible Foam family
  • Tailored density, IFD, and thickness solutions
  • Wide assortment of PSA options
  • Conveniently located for cost-effective supply to most JIT seating plants in the U.S. and Mexico
  • Woodbridge stackable technology when applied to molded PU and EPP substrates
  • Adaptive comfort solutions to minimize impact of vehicle vibration for occupants
  • Low-emissions options available for tough OEM VOC and odors requirements


Key characteristics

  • Chemistry: polyether and polyester open-cell polyurethane
  • Fabrication: foam die-cut parts, foam die cuts with PSA, foam kiss cuts with PSA  (pressure sensitive adhesive)
  • Lamination: PE film, PU film, adhesive films and webs, textile scrims, non-woven scrims, PSA

Topper pad materials

  • AutoBond Flexible Foam: density 1.6-3.9 lb/ft3 or 25.5– 62.5 kg/m3 
  • Firmness range: 15-60 (25% IFD lb/50 in2)
  • AutoBond LF Flexible Foam (low emission, low VOC, low odor)
  • AdaptiPedic™: Adaptive Comfort & Support viscoelastic flexible foam
  • ComfortFlow™: CCS Ventilation flexible foam
  • PSA backed: Acrylic and rubber-based PSA options available

OEM Specifications

AutoBond Flexible Foam toppers pads will meet most OEM automotive interior foam specifications and requirements.

  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard: FMVSS302
  • General Motors: GMW15058, GM6291M, GM6083, GM2101M
  • Ford: WSS-99P48, WSS-M2D243, WSS-M2D491, ESB-M4D113
  • FCA: MSAY309, CS-13398
  • Toyota: TSM6712G
  • Nissan: NESM8047
  • Tesla: TM-4001
  • Honda: HES C209
  • Hyundai Kia: MS-300-34
  • Daimler: DBL5450, DBL5454, DBL5438
  • Volkswagen: VW50180

Download Topper Pad PDF

Topper Pad