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Low-Emission Flexible Foam

AutoBond™ polyether (LF) and polyester (SF) series flexible foams are designed to meet the most rigorous OEM low emissions requirements while still providing superior value. Autobond LF/ SF flexible foams and StrataPlush™ LF/ SF headliner foam products are manufactured using a continuous-pour method.  Our low-emission chemical expertise, comprehensive process controls, and analytical testing capability allow Woodbridge to produce the most consistent, high-quality, low-emissions foams available in the North American market. The LF/ SF series of foams are available in flat and round blocks, in LF and SF foam grades.


  • Body cloth lamination: flame, adhesive, leather, body cloth, textile
  • Seating systems: automotive trim covers, seat topper pads, seat heater pads, cut-and-sew, plus pads, wadding
  • Interior systems: door trim, head restraints, armrests, pour-in-place, foam-in-place
  • Acoustical: NVH
  • Overhead systems: headliners, sun visors, sun shades


  • North American leader in low-emission, open-celled polyurethane ether (LF) and ester (SF) flexible foam technology
  • Significant corporate investment in polyurethane VOC management, development, and testing capability
  • Ability to solve complexed interior cabin VOC, emission, and odor challenges
  • Optimized chemistry solutions for best-in-class performance
  • Multiple product options to meet the toughest Global OEM specifications


Range of products (typical)

  • Density: 1.8-2.6 lb/ft3 or 29-42 kg/m3
  • Firmness range: 35-60 (25% IFD lb/50 in2)

Key characteristics

  • Chemistry: polyether (LF) and polyester (SF) open-cell polyurethane
  • Pour type: round block and flat block
  • Fabrication: locks, looping, peeling, sheeting, die cutting, reticulation, roll compressing
  • Lamination: PE film, PU film, adhesive films and webs, textile scrims, and non-woven scrims
  • Other key options: variety of colors, FR/non-FR, acoustics, airflow, low emission (VOCs and odor)

OEM Specifications

AutoBond LF/SF flexible foams and StrataPlush LF headliner foams are designed to meet most OEM automotive interior emissions, fogging, and/or odor requirements, as well as most OEM PU flexible foam specifications.  

  • DBL5450.10
  • VDA270, VDA275, VDA277, VDA278
  • BMW: GS97014-3
  • VW: 50180, DIN 75201A, PV3937, PV3925, PV3341, PV3015, PV3925
  • Hyundai Kia: MS-300-34; MS-300-55
  • Ford: FLTM BO 116-03
  • FCA: LP-463DB12-01, CS-13398
  • Nissan: NES M0402, NES M0161-18
  • GM: GMW3059, GMW8081, GMW3205, GMW15635, GMW15634
  • Toyota: TSM058G
  • Honda: HES D 6508, DWG 0094Z-SNA-0000
  • Mazda: MÊS CF 080 B

Download Low Emissions Flexible Foam PDF

Low Emission Flexible Foam