Adaptive Comfort and Support Foam for all Passengers

Whether traveling with family and friends or by means of a ride-share program our goal is to deliver automotive viscoelastic foam comfort to all passengers. Great journeys can begin with Woodbridge™ Adaptive Comfort Support Foam for automotive seating (AdaptiPedic™). This viscoelastic plush foam is ideal for short and long trip comfort and support in every seat, especially in seats without manual or power adjustable lumbar support controls.

Our adaptive comfort foam technology also works well in various automotive interior components including headrest restraints and armrests.

Woodbridge Foam solutions are customizable for multiple market segments and vehicle platforms globally.


  • Conforms to occupants body shape and size

  • Delivers improved showroom comfort

  • Promotes Correct Posture Control

  • Significantly improves long trip comfort


  • Reduced temperature sensitivity -20 to 50°C range

  • Lumbar support solution for non-mechanized seats

  • Customized foam solution available

  • Significant vibration-damping performance to reduce motion sickness caused by harmonic vibration.

Reasons to use Adaptive Viscoelastic Foam for Automotive Seating


Increased Pressure Distribution

Conforms to the body offering a pleasing plush feel and unique holding-in effect to significantly improve showroom comfort.

Promotes Correct Posture Control

Increased surface contact, to mitigate pressure points and promote correct lumbar posture, significantly improving long trip comfort.


Preferred 2 to 1

During a subjective evaluation of overall preference Woodbridge™ Adaptive Foam (AdaptiPedic™) was preferred 2 to 1 to current industry standard urethanes in a blind test.

Driving Simulation Comfort Seat Body Pressure Mapping

Woodbridge Adaptive Foam™ vs. Standard Seat


• Better pressure distribution control
• Lowers peak pressure
• Lowers average pressure
• Promotes Correct Posture Control
• Significantly improves long trip comfort

Watch Adaptive Foam Video – AdaptiPedic

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