Interior Soft Trim


TrimTech™ solutions are designed to offer well-crafted headrests, armrests, bolsters and closure panel assemblies.

Woodbridge offers complete solutions including: Trimmed Foam, Foam-In-Place and Integral Skin products, as well as engineering and design, trim cover development, pre-production sampling and mass production. TrimTech™ products meet all of today’s design constraints including: lower part weight, limited package space and the latest safety requirements.

Through a vertically integrated manufacturing approach for each sub-component, TrimTech™ assemblies help ensure the seamless and speedy delivery, of high quality finished soft trim solutions.

TrimTech Data Sheet
Advanced Comfort and Style Trim

HeadSmart Data Sheet
Head Restraint Mechanism Technology

IntelliSense Data Sheet
Comfort and Energy Management Foams

ComfortZone Data Sheet
Dual Hardness Head Restraints

DecoSkin Data Sheet
Alternative Trim Technology

TrimLine Data Sheet
Comfort and Style Thin Profile Trim

TrimStyle Data Sheet
Extreme Styling Foam-In-Place Solutions