Automotive Seating

ComforTech Performance Seating Urethanes

ComforTech™ automotive seating performance urethanes, offer seat manufacturers cost effective cushioning products that deliver targeted comfort and support.

Woodbridge supplies ComforTech™ automotive seating products through a global infrastructure, to provide economies of scale, and a consistency of capabilities around the world that include; product design chemical optimization, tooling, manufacturing and laboratory testing. Woodbridge design and engineering services can also integrate many value added seating opportunities.

Combining chemical expertise with a unique set of technologies and process capabilities, ComforTech™ automotive seating foam products and technologies help customers achieve the ideal balance between comfort, weight, durability and cost.

ComforTech Data Sheet
Performance Seating Urethanes

Adaptive Comfort and Support Foam

ComforTech LE Data Sheet
Performance Seating Low Emission Foams

TrimVisible Data Sheet
Visual Performance Seating Foams for Seat Apertures

ComfortSense Data Sheet
Textured Surface Comfort Technology

ComfortSense Ventilated Data Sheet
Climate Control Seat Technology

VibControl Data Sheet
Vibration Management Seating Foams

GreenLite BioFoam Data Sheet
Low Mass Foam Technology

BioFoam Data Sheet
Sustainable Polyurethane Foams

Automotive seating foam products offering seat manufacturers cost effective solutions that deliver targeted comfort and support.